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13. Your Pleasure Is an Within Work   (2014/December/22 6:43 PM)
Your Enjoyment Is an Inside Employment

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12. Every body hello   (2014/May/21 1:50 PM)

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11. jabjfc   (2013/April/17 2:35 PM)
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10. Quinnlan Vos [jadecrusade]   (2009/January/15 10:09 PM)
ok good idea :)

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9. Axel Siris [Omegrakai]   (2009/January/15 4:30 AM)
Dude, you need a talk section O.O

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8. kyle burden [darthmarus]   (2009/January/06 7:04 PM)
i was joking. that's what the XD usually means.


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7. Quinnlan Vos [jadecrusade]   (2009/January/04 11:41 AM)
what u mean limited list???????????

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6. Quinnlan Vos [jadecrusade]   (2009/January/02 8:22 AM)
yah for some reason it won;t et me set XD as a smiley :(
well....at least they put them in a box on the roght for easy clicking XD

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5. kyle burden [darthmarus]   (2008/December/30 9:28 PM)
8S :( :) :D ;) >( >:) O_O P XD Xl o_o oo

yay, new smileys rock.

but i am never going to tipe in the ::s around my XDs. XD.

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4. Master Strike [Master_Strike]   (2008/December/27 4:18 PM)
If we start getting lots of submissions we will need a better way to catalog them. There's no way people will just look at all the pages under backrounds. Eventually we will need a way to sort them. For example space backrounds, nature backrounds, ect.

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3. Quinnlan Vos [jadecrusade]   (2008/December/24 9:34 PM)
XD wow didn't think about that XD ALPHA mod....lol

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2. Axel Siris [Omegrakai]   (2008/December/23 9:08 PM)
cool site jade/quinlan. >.> remember not to steal "alpha moderator" from me.... :P xD jokin

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1. Quinnlan Vos [jadecrusade]   (2008/December/16 11:55 AM)
Please post any changes that you would like to see for the SITE
NOTE: you do not request resources here, instead request them here-->forum


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